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New Products

Old Forge Distillery Hand Sanitizer

In response to the current situation, Old Forge Distillery has started production of sanitizer as directed by World Health Organization guidelines. Old Forge, in their continued effort to support the hospitality industry, has partnered with the Pottery House Café to provide one bottle of hand sanitizer with every to-go order from now until further notice.

Additionally, Old Forge Distillery is currently working with numerous area businesses, organizations and health facilities to provide bulk sanitizer as well as cleaning solutions for surfaces, equipment and machinery.

Any area business, organization or health facility interested in partnering with Old Forge for sanitizing needs, please contact info@oldforgedistillery.com.


New Elderflower Moonshine

Old Forge Elderflower Moonshine is both the newest member of our moonshine family and the first Old Forge product to originate in our distillery’s cocktail bar. Always on the lookout for new flavor combinations, head distiller Keener Shanton came up with an elderflower infusion and began using it in several of the bar’s cocktails. The unique, sweet-tart, floral notes it added to drinks became an instant hit. Customers soon began asking if they could buy an Elderflower spirit to take home. Keener got to work, creating a remarkable moonshine with the intriguing flavors of the beloved Appalachian wildflower.

Tasting Notes: Old Forge Elderflower Moonshine

Nose: Floral, with hints of dried wild flowers, honey, citrus and mild garden herbs.
Palette: Uniquely floral, slightly citrusy, distinct sweet-tart notes. Mild and intriguing hints of wildflower honey and garden herbs. Crisp, cleansing finish.