Spring in the Smokies

Spring in the Smokies is a vibrant time, full of bright colors and communities gathering. All around us, fields of wildflowers bloom and the mountains turn a rich emerald green as they come alive again. Friends and family venture outside to enjoy the sunshine and shake off the winter blues. But the best thing about Spring at the distillery? Delicious, refreshing cocktails! Our team of talented bartenders have crafted a variety of tasty cocktails, like the Spring Fling, Wild Cherry Amaretto Sour, Smoked Cherry Lemonade and the Blushing Miller. So, grab one (or more!) and enjoy spring days on our patio.

Looking to add to your home bar with some go-to flavors for patio drinking? We have fun, floral and fruity moonshine flavors like Blackberry, Lemon, Wild Cherry, Amaretto, Orange, and Elderflower. Even better – we offer free samples! So, try a few, find your favorites and then enjoy them in a cocktail in our distillery cocktail bar.

Come on by. Our family looks forward to seeing you!


Things To Know

  • YES, we’re dog friendly.

  • YES, we offer free tastings.

  • NO, we don’t offer tours.

  • YES, we’re open on Sundays.

  • NO, we can’t ship our spirits.

Need more information? Please check out our FAQ page before contacting us.

Looking for a Liquor Store in Pigeon Forge, TN?

Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge TNThere’s no need to drive to Gatlinburg to purchase alcohol in Sevier County. Our distillery bottle shop has almost every possible type of spirit you could want, including vodka, gin, rum, moonshine, flavored moonshine, cream liqueurs, and bourbon whiskey. No matter what you call it—an ABC store, package store, or liquor store—look no further than Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge, TN for all your distilled spirits.