Soaking fruit in moonshine is a mountain tradition. We’ve created a unique line of alcohol-infused maraschino cherries featuring flavors that go great on their own, or as enhancements to your mixed cocktails.

Moonshine Cherries

Moonshine & Cherries

Sweet but with a bite. We soak sweet maraschino cherries in our 100 proof moonshine for a smooth and sweet treat. 

ALCOHOL CONTENT Bottled at 100 proof

Cola Moonshine Cherries

Handmade Cola & Cherries

Nostalgia in a bottle, our Handmade Cola & Cherries combine our Cola Moonshine and sweet maraschino cherries. They are the perfect addition to an Old Fashioned

ALCOHOL CONTENT Bottled at 80 proof

Chocolate Moonshine Cherries

Chocolate & Cherries

Chocolate covered cherries never tasted this good. Take your cocktail game up a notch and throw a few of these on your whiskey and coke or any other drink that could use a little something extra.

ALCOHOL CONTENT Bottled at 80 proof