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Distilling 200 years of Tradition

Just a few yards away from the Old Mill, where the Head Miller grinds, fills, and hand-ties bags of quality, stone ground grains, stands a 100-year-old building. Once a farm supply store, it is now home to the Old Forge Distillery.

Inside the distillery, Head Distiller Keener Shanton uses freshly ground grain from the mill and pure mountain spring water to craft his award-winning small batch spirits including 1830 Original moonshine, named after the year the Old Mill was built. Keeping true to the area, our Head Distiller draws his inspiration for his flavored moonshines, like Chocolate, French Toast, Coffee and Peach, from the nearby Old Mill Kitchens.

Known for its heritage and its focus on innovation, Old Forge Distillery is more than just moonshine. Visitors can experience Old Forge Rum, a full-flavored rum distilled from molasses, Old Forge Vodka, a smooth 80-proof vodka.

Keener is constantly learning, experimenting and testing new spirits using high-quality local ingredients, flavors and barrel ageing. The future looks bright in Pigeon Forge, specifically at The Old Mill Square where many new spirits are in the works at Old Forge Distillery. Check back soon to see what’s cooking with Keener!